VERS-Grazer (04)

Synonymous with its name, the VERS Grazer offers superior narrow grazing properties ranging from 12 to 15 degrees, depending on the LED source. The enhanced optical acrylic lens delivers its performance through the utilization of a curved extruded lens treated with a proprietary diffusing agent to offer clean edges of even the tightest beam. Combined with the new high efficacy LEDs, VERS Grazer can effectively graze surfaces of 12 feet or higher.

VERS-Flush (02)

VERS Flush utilizes a coextruded acrylic lens with an internal reflector that delivers more light while securing the LED in place. Variations in lumen output can be achieved through the use of either polar or diffused lenses. The sleek flat lens sits flush in the fixture allowing the fixture’s delivered light performance to truly shine in any indoor setting.

VERS-Clear (03)

VERS Clear delivers the maximum amount of light with a clear lens that sits flush to the fixture housing. The thin profile of the lens allows for maximum variations of LED sources and the most delivered lumens in the VERS family.  Versatility in application abounds, allowing for installation in dry, damp, and wet settings.


The VERS Proud is a finished aluminum fixture utilizing an extruded lens that sits proud of the fixture for maximum variations of LED sources. The high quality, proud lens provides a delicate glow at the edges of the fixture, creating a slim line of light. Integrated metal endcaps combined with an extruded aluminum housing give this fixture a polished modern look suitable for dry, damp and wet locations.

VERS-Optics (05)

VERS Optics provides beam control for situations where precision linear lighting is required. The 50 degree extruded optic allows for LEDs up to 9.0 watts a foot to be used in dry locations where performance is needed. A proprietary diffusing agent ensures the VERS Optics fixture provides the cleanest light possible. The extruded aluminum housing combined with sleek metal endcaps and a flat lens with internal optics gives this fixture a sophisticated profile.