Clean efficiency High fixture efficacy and premium craftsmanship define H1 Cable Suspended H1 fixtures provide exceptional efficacy and maintain a clean contemporary aesthetic The LED lamping option offers long life and a clean linear light distribution


Hydrogen is the simplest element on the periodic table a combination of one electron and one proton In terms of Lumium Hydrogen maintains that premise One equal part frosted acrylic lens and equal part aluminum extruded housing Every fixture in this series maintains this one to one ratio creating balance and beauty from simplicity


An unusual name for an incredibly unique fixture the Yttrium is a hollow airy fixture with numerous options Machined rings with extruded aluminum spokes and diode image mitigating lenses create an impressive minimalist aesthetic while potentially distributing considerable light into a space The fixture carries power through low voltage coaxial cable eliminating the unsightly power cord In its neutral state the Yttrium is comprised of three spokes However it can be positively or negatively ionized rendering a four spoke or two spoke fixture respectively


While on the lighter side of the periodic table Magnesium embodies a weightier element Thicker walls and large radii combined with sharp edges create visual impact In its natural state Magnesium has a direct indirect light distribution However directional versions are available as well as two tone finishes and a variety of other details DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE MOUNTING OPTIONS CABLE SUSPENDED CS ROTATIONAL ARM MOUNT RAM CABLE SUSPENDED ROTATIONAL CS R


Iridium s 2 recessed series is an amalgamation of precision and performance consistent with all other premium Lumium luminaires And with an incredibly thin aperture IR2 still delivers nearly 1200 lumens per foot providing true ambient illumination with a minimal profile appearance Dimensions 2 3 8 w x 2 3 8 h Square Profile


Simple functionality Maintaining the clean contemporary rectangular profile precision components and distinctive details He2 provides integral driver options exceptional fixture efficacy and a 5 year warranty


Slender striking and refined Designers seeking fully integrated luminaires especially in contemporary architectural interiors turn to our thinnest recessed housing IR1 This rare Lumium element delivers dramatic continuous pin stripe illumination into walls slots slats panels coves and more and yes with an integral driver to boot Dimensions 1 7 8 w x 3 1 4 h Rectangular Profile


The Hassium series boasts an incredibly versatile fixture in the two series and one of the slimmest integral driver bi directional fixtures on the market that still delivers plenty of lumens The Hassium 2 can take any integral driver including emergency battery backup and if needed utilize dual rows of LEDs both top and bottom for maximum lumen delivery The Hassium 1 is incredibly powerful for a fixture of its compact size DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE MOUNTING OPTIONS CABLE SUSPENDED CS SURFACE MOUNT SM

He2 (New)

Subtle details are what make Helium 2 such an impressive contemporary direct or indirect fixture Machined end caps detailing and a 3 8 protruding lens lend to the clean aesthetic of this simple yet elegant luminaire


Subtle details are what make Helium 1 such an impressive contemporary fixture Machined end caps detailing and a 3 8 protruding lens lend to the clean aesthetic of this simple yet elegant luminaire The Cable Suspended version can be oriented as a direct or indirect luminaire With a remote driver power can be carried through the aircraft cable eliminating the need for unsightly power cords